Airborne Imagery
Airborne imagery at 0.5m resolution should be acquired at flowering and/or veraison. Orders for imagery anywhere in Australia are now being taken for the veraison flight. Note that imagery should be acquired before the application of bird netting. Please phone our office on 08 97568011 for further information including costs and a quotation.

Soil and Elevation Surveying

A number of sensors are available to acquire information related to soil properties. Accurate elevation data can be acquired at the same time. The ideal time to collect such data is when the soil is moist. Please phone our office on 0897568011 for further information about service providers

Yield Monitoring 

Advanced Technology Viticulture (ATV) continues to improve its grape yield monitoring system for mechanical harvesters. Vineyard management zones can now be viewed on the console while harvesting, thereby allowing operators to easily pick parcels of fruit individually for separate vinification in the winery. Please phone ATV on 08 71270042 for further details.