Dr Tony Proffitt

Dr Tony Proffitt
Tony commenced his career in agriculture during the 1980s. He has since worked in the technical, consultancy, extension and educational sectors of the Australian wine industry since 1995. He spent five years with Southcorp Wines (now known as Treasury Wine Estates) and then joined AHA Viticulture/Precision Viticulture Australia where he is currently employed. He also lectures at Curtin University.

He has co-authored two text books: Precision Viticulture - a new era in vineyard management and wine production, published in 2006 and The Grapevine - from the science to the practice of growing vines for wine, published in 2011.

Jim Campbell Clause

Jim Campbell Clause

BSc (Ag Hon) Managing Director

Areas of expertise:

Vineyard planning and development
Grape varieties and propagation
Grapevine nutrition
Soil and canopy management
Quality assurance
Other industry activities:

Chairman of WAVIA (Western Australian Vine Improvement Association)
Member of WOWA (Wines of Western Australia) Strategic Planning Group Reference Group
WOWA Technical Group
UWA Cabernet Project reference Group
GeographeWine Industry Association Technical Committee
ASVO member